29/07/2014 05:47

Presenting VGV's Latest Affordable and Delicious Offers

VINA GOURMET VILLE is proud to introduce the latest addition to its product catalogue.


ONLY CAFE from Vietnam is filter coffee made from Robusta and Arabica beans of the finest quality. This preparation can be enjoyed hot or cold. Vina Gourmet Ville drip coffee is definitely a treat and is blended to satisfy the requirements of the most discerning coffee lover.


Our latest lineup of flavorful, MEKONG savory hot sauce from Vietnam is made from the highest quality raw ingredients. When you sample our chilli sauce, you will find that it has the perfect balance that you want to taste in your hot sauce. The spices used are not overwhelmed by the hotness of the mixture. We also have Hoisin sauce, both high quality Vietnamese products that agrees with the Filipino palate.

OLAK cream cookies has been making waves in Vietnam. Kids call them “bear cookies” and they are a huge hit because of the delicious filling. Bear cookies are 100% all natural and oozes with cream filling. The combination of crunch and just-right sweetness makes this product our newest bestseller. Bear cookies with sumptuous cheese filling is also available. We also have fish-shaped Olak premium cookies with an unforgettable taste that both children and adults can’t get enough of.




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