12/05/2017 15:37

New Products Coming Your Way from VGV’s Excellent Vietnamese Partners

ViNa Gourmet Ville is busy preparing for the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines on May 19 - 21, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, new products are waiting to be shipped to VGV headquarters in Quezon City.


So, do you want to know what's new? Here's an overview of what you can look forward to in the coming months.


Let's start with the savory articles. We cannot wait for you to try our forzen seafood specials, which includes Vannamei HOSO, Scampi HOSO, Black Tiger HOSO, Lobster, Cuttlefish, Swimming Crabs, Squid, and Octopus. Watch out for announcements here for the tasty details about VGV's Vietnamese seafood lineup. Aside from the exotic options coming your way, we also have a promising array of imported frozen fish fillet, which includes snapper fillet, grouper fillet, seabass fillet, and emperor fillet.


Now that summer is just getting started, we have new, refreshing options for you as well.


When it comes to beverages, there are some exciting tropical fruit juice flavors from Vfresh and fruit crushes from Osterberg. Other items from Osterberg to watch out for are fruit jams and spreads, fillings and toppings, and syrup which will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.


We also have a new high quality Me Trang coffee to keep you up while trying to meet deadlines. The best thing about our new coffee lineup is the variety of flavors and blends that will be available very soon.


It's all good at ViNa Gourmet Ville. We hope to see you at IFEX 2017!








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