20/02/2017 10:38

A Flavorful 2017 to Everyone from ViNa Gourmet Ville

This year, ViNa Gourmet Ville only has your happiness and satisfaction in mind.  Our exciting lineup of products are truly flavorful, memorable, and guaranteed to satisfy your budgetary requirements.


You can start a hectic work day with Good Morning café. There’s nothing more satisfying than a hot cup of stimulating instant coffee mix. Bring a few packs to work for that boost of energy you need to get things done. Or, if you wish to cool off, we have Cool Tea powder mix made with the freshest tropical ingredients. You only need cold water and it’s ready for consumption. This versatile preparation is also great when mixed with hot water to soothe and calm your nerves.


ViNa Gourmet Ville also imports tasty condiments with a Vietnamese twist for home cooks who like to experiment with flavors.  Try our Mekong hot sauce, Mekong hoisin sauce, and Mekong Super Sauce on your next weekend cook-off and impress the entire family with lip smacking good meals.


If you are looking for snacks to munch on while watching your favorite  shows on your days off, then go for naturally good and nutritious Fruit Chips in jackfruit, mixed fruit, taro, sweet potato, and banana flavors. These dried-food products are manufactured by the best of the industry in Vietnam. Once you open a pack, you will definitely want more. There are other snack choices for those who are into more exotic snack options, including Shrimp Chips Vegetarian and Thuan Giang Shrimp Chips.


We hope you will find time to browse the products we have in store for you this year. Here at ViNa Gourmet Ville, our primary directive is to keep our customers satisfied. Do not hesitate to email or message us for inquiries and suggestions.


VGV is looking forward to another productive, flavorful, and amazing year with all of you!





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